387825_10150415328003025_1441561318_nSean Miyaki ( Blog Admin, Founder, Contributor)

An aspiring Sports Marketer. I am a former Sports Statistician for MSMC and a student at Manhattan College where I am majoring in Marketing. Born and raised in San Ramon, California and currently reside in Trumbull, Connecticut. Grew up as a competitor with a passion for sports, and all around athlete and current member of the Mount St. Mary College Mens soccer program. I love reading, learning, and talking about sports, I could do it all day if I had to. I have a business state of mind but, a sports fan at heart. I really believe that sports are so important in every society. Sports have given me so much valuable attributes and have built me to be a better person. They bring people together and give a reason for people to put aside all their problems to share one common thing. Live.Love.Sports.


734374_10152399646490228_163760486_nJoe Bocchino (Blog Author Baseball)

Born and raised in Trumbull, CT, I have always been obsessed with analyzing sports, specifically baseball. Everything from the physical to the psychological aspect has always intrigued me. A former student of Post University in Waterbury, CT, I aspire to get involved in sports broadcasting and play by play. I will always give you a fair and unique look into the best game in the entire world, baseball.



my picDavid Corica ( Blog Author Hockey)

Born and raised in one of the greatest sports cities in America, St Louis Missouri, which is where I got my love for sports. Hockey is my passion, but all sports are fascinating to me. Not afraid to stick my neck out for my opinions, and I will hold my ground until irrefutably proven wrong. (which hasn’t happened yet) I see the world of sports differently than most people, but I know from experience what its like to be a die hard fan of a team. My goal is to bring other fans hard hitting facts, and well researched opinions to keep them equipped in every sports debate.




tompropicThomas Andrea (Blog Author Basketball)

Current student at Bryant University’s in Smithfield, Rhode Island.  Aspiring to graduate from the college of business in 2015.  Majoring in marketing, with a minor in data analytics.  Born and raised in Trumbull, Connecticut, and have been involved in competitive sports my whole life.  Captain of Trumbull High School’s wrestling team and member of Trumbull High’s lacrosse team.  I love to talk about all sports, but my favorite sport to talk about and analyze is professional basketball.  Sports are a huge part of my life, and I feel I can offer a lot of insight using Sport Statricity.


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