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Top 5 Moments in Liverpool History

Liverpool is among the most famous football clubs in English football and this is attributed to its rich history. This blog post will highlight the top 5 moments in Liverpool history that will always be remembered at the club. 1.) The number one moment is when Liverpool F.C split from Everton F.C in June 1882 … Continue reading

José Mourinho Looks to Revolutionize Chelsea With the Promotion of Youth Players

I think it is a great idea to utilize the youth in reserve squad. Kevin De Bruyne is going to be a great prospect in years to come once he gets more Premiere League exposure!

The ESPYS Winner Predictions

So it’s that time of year again. Where sports fans of all favoritisms come together to watch one magnificent award show. An award show that we actual care for that is. Most of us believe LeBron will be walking away with the most awards won, well you probably are right. He will be the king … Continue reading

Former Northwestern University Athlete Steals the Show

As a kid you always look up to the professional players you see on the big screen. For me it was Ronaldo (Brazil), Theirry Henry, and Zinedine Zidane. For college athletes who live, breath, and sleep sports, one can only dream of playing with players of this magnitude. For one former College soccer star this … Continue reading

Bend the Field Goal Attempt Like Beckham

Its been a crazy year for Beckham fanatics this past year. From leaving his L.A Galaxy saga for PSG, to bringing the heart breaking news of his retirement. So many wonderful memories to be told for years on but, may there still be more to Beckham’s athletic career than we thought? For those not lucky … Continue reading

Messi Surpasses the Great Maradona

As the World Cup approaches fans and sports analysts are closely watching their favored national teams, counting their assest seeing which players are going to be leading them to greatness. We all know who the power house teams are, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Netherlands and, we all know who their stars are. One player in particular … Continue reading

World Cup 2014 Power Rankings

Exactly one year from today will be the day soccer fans from around the world have been waiting for for the past 3 years. On June 12, 2014 World Cup 2014 will be taking place in one of the most soccer enriched cultures on the planet, Brazil! There is a lot of excitement going into … Continue reading

Ronaldo’s Chance to be Re-ManUnited

We have seen some memorable team returns in this day and age. One in particular that was very sentimental was Thierry Henrys return to Arsenal FC. On his first game back he had scored the winning goal against Leeds United in the final minutes of the match. Memorable, yes but, even the slightest chance of … Continue reading

The Break Down: Falcao to AS Monaco FC

As all of us die hard soccer fans have noticed Falcao is one of the most prolific players of this generation. He has recently caused quite a stir of media over his departure from Atletico Madrid to the newly Ligue 2 champions AS Monaco FC. Leaving Atletico was not a shock to people as it … Continue reading

Only One German To Take It All

  It was exactly one month ago that German Soccer had shocked the world. Both Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich had defeated their Spanish counter parts. Not only did they win but, they destroyed the the two teams that the soccer world have gotten to know as two of the best teams on the world … Continue reading

Gareth Bale the next big thing

Everyone knows who Ronaldo is, Messi, even Rooney but, no one would expect such potential for a huge headliner was on the Tottenham Hotspurs roster in 2012. Gareth Bale has separated himself from great to world class this season. He has score stunners and more memorable moments than any other player in the English Premiere … Continue reading

Mourinho could be back to Chelsea FC Glory Days

It seems like it could not be more of a perfect situation for Mourinho and Chelsea FC. Chelsea is on the uprise still looking for the right manager to take control and Mourinho has now left his job at Madrid after a not so perfect last season. Mourinho was not a failure at Madrid, he … Continue reading

The King Has Stepped Down

After leading the Red devils to 13 league titles and accumulating over 25 other pieces of silverware, Sir Alex Ferguson is stepping down as manager after the 2012-2013 season is over. Over the past 27 years under Ferguson, United has had a 59.69 win percentage ranking as the 5th best in Premiere league history. United … Continue reading

No More Bending For Beckham

It has finally happened. David Beckham’s time as a professional footballer has come to an end. Beckham has decided to retire from football after his short spell at PSG. The 38 year old has played on 6 different clubs but, most known for playing for Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Los Angeles Galaxy. Beckham had … Continue reading

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