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The ESPYS Winner Predictions

So it’s that time of year again. Where sports fans of all favoritisms come together to watch one magnificent award show. An award show that we actual care for that is. Most of us believe LeBron will be walking away with the most awards won, well you probably are right. He will be the king … Continue reading

So Wheres Collin Klein Now?

ITs amazing how you can be the talk of the town one year and a short time after if you aren’t making any more headlines you disappear in the background. This is exactly what has happened to Collin Klein. Most people do not know where Collin Klein is now, and since he isn’t headed to the … Continue reading

Ex-Fans Line Up In Mass. To Dump Hernandez Jersey

Its only fair that the Patriots and NFL merchandise distributors are allowing this. People walking around with a Hernandez Jersey is just as bad as people walking around in an O.J Simpson jersey.

Bend the Field Goal Attempt Like Beckham

Its been a crazy year for Beckham fanatics this past year. From leaving his L.A Galaxy saga for PSG, to bringing the heart breaking news of his retirement. So many wonderful memories to be told for years on but, may there still be more to Beckham’s athletic career than we thought? For those not lucky … Continue reading

RG3 And The Road To Recovery

If there was one day Red Skins fans wish had never happened, it would be January 6, 2013. This of course is the day that RG3 had destroyed his knee and ended any hopes for the Skins in making a decent playoff run. There are arguments on whether Griffin should have even been in the … Continue reading

The Dilemma in New York: What’s wrong with the Jets?

So these seem to be the concerning issues of the Jets What is preventing the jets from taking flight? The secondary team of the Meadowlands First off, the New York Jets have some coaching and management problems.  Jets fans, as a whole, do not feel comfortable leaving the fate of their squad in the hands … Continue reading

Urlacher’s retirement came with reasons

It has been a big year for the NFL as two Hall of Fame Potential linemen retire. Both Brian Urlacher and Ray Lewis had lustrous careers dedicated to one team. They brought passion to the game, passion we only see in those who truly love the game. Hearing about Urlacher retiring should not come to … Continue reading

Johnny Manziel College vs. Pros

Could Johnny Manziel take his skills to the next level? Many analysts believe Johnny’s rag and tag style of play will not work in the NFL. Manziel has proven he is a lot too handle out in the world of college football but, with bigger, faster , stronger DT’s coming at him, will he be … Continue reading

The Athlete Without The Laces

Denard Robinson is an interesting story. This man has struck attention from every corner. Have you ever heard of a college football player playing without their shoes tied? If you have then you must of heard of this guy. Robinson has been playing with unlaced cleats since he was 10 years old. He still maintains … Continue reading

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