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Hi fellow Sports Fans! If you meant to click the About Us Tab then I am guessing you want to learn more about who we are!

We are all just a group of passionate sports fans and college students. We aren’t professional analysts or media reporters, we are people just like you who love sports and that love sharing exciting news and giving our opinion about them to everyone.

You might ask: Why would I come to Sport Statricity when I can just go to Bleacher Report or ESPN.com?? Well, as awesome as those sites are, they are the Walmarts of sports media outlets. They may provide a wide selection of items at cheap prices but, they will not give you the same personal experience you will get at Sport Statricity. Think of us as that one family restaurant that brings you the best memories and cherishes you for being there. We aren’t trying to be another informative sports website though, we are all about opinions, interests, and feedback.

We blog about what is going on in the sports world as a whole not segregating or favoring one sport over the other. Uniqueness and relevance is what influences our blog. We use statistics and facts and combine them with top of the line stories. Other times we may write about big events in sports that are not just based on statistics but, are important for the fans to know and just give you guys our take on it.

Sport Statricity is for those who love to head to the local sports bar, pound some beers and just talk and watch sports. Whether you like Professional Football or Tennis we love discussing and learning about sports. We mix the mainstream with the underground to make this a place where no sport is better than the other. That is something you can’t get anywhere else.

We LOVE feedback and we are always trying to improve and make this site better for all of our viewers.Your experience here is what matters most and we want all of you to leave here satisfied and more knowledgeable on sports! So if you have any suggestions on certain teams, players, or even other sports you want us to cover more then lets us know and we will get right on it! Just fill the contact form below and tell us what you are thinking.

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