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This week we will be going into major reconstruction and site maintenance for a whole new Sport Statricity. We are currently on the migration to a self hosted wordpress.org site. So for the next 5-7 days there may be adjustments you see as we are switching the domain over to a new host. NEW FEATURES: … Continue reading

12 Year old Girl to Compete in X Games

Originally posted on Sykose Extreme Sports News:
MESA, Ariz. – She was the youngest girl to win a medal at the Global X Games and competed with females more than twice her age. This 12-year-old Mesa girl is a thrill seeking skateboarder. Alana Smith hits the half-pipe and can board all day. She loves the extreme…

Top 5 Moments in Liverpool History

Liverpool is among the most famous football clubs in English football and this is attributed to its rich history. This blog post will highlight the top 5 moments in Liverpool history that will always be remembered at the club. 1.) The number one moment is when Liverpool F.C split from Everton F.C in June 1882 … Continue reading

José Mourinho Looks to Revolutionize Chelsea With the Promotion of Youth Players

I think it is a great idea to utilize the youth in reserve squad. Kevin De Bruyne is going to be a great prospect in years to come once he gets more Premiere League exposure!

The Future of The England Rugby Team

When England showed off their new Canterbury of New Zealand strip in September last year, both England and Canterbury would have been hoping to see the beginning of a new era for England rugby, especially after the disappointing 2011 Rugby World Cup (RWC) campaign. The Autumn QBE Internationals got off to a good start with … Continue reading

The ESPYS Winner Predictions

So it’s that time of year again. Where sports fans of all favoritisms come together to watch one magnificent award show. An award show that we actual care for that is. Most of us believe LeBron will be walking away with the most awards won, well you probably are right. He will be the king … Continue reading

Pirates Rally By Mets 4-2 For 3rd Straight Win

Cover Curse: Part 1

Everyone loves to talk about the “Madden Curse”, and which player will be the next victim to the video game cover. But another EA Sports series may have a cover curse as well. It’s time to take a look at the NHL covers. By Brandon Beylo.  The NHL series has a huge fanbase Brandon Beylo-…

So Wheres Collin Klein Now?

ITs amazing how you can be the talk of the town one year and a short time after if you aren’t making any more headlines you disappear in the background. This is exactly what has happened to Collin Klein. Most people do not know where Collin Klein is now, and since he isn’t headed to the … Continue reading

Former Northwestern University Athlete Steals the Show

As a kid you always look up to the professional players you see on the big screen. For me it was Ronaldo (Brazil), Theirry Henry, and Zinedine Zidane. For college athletes who live, breath, and sleep sports, one can only dream of playing with players of this magnitude. For one former College soccer star this … Continue reading

Ones to Watch in the 2013 Tour de France

      The Tour de France has just started once again for 2013, and this year we are celebrating its 100th anniversary. The course comprises some of the most famous elements of those seen in former years, so is a fantastic year for any big fans of the sporting event. It is set to be … Continue reading

What’s Next for Anderson Silva in the UFC?

Not many expected the outcome of UFC 162 to be in favor of Chris Weidman. Although undefeated in his UFC career, he seemed like just another fighter attempting to take the belt from who some may call the greatest UFC fighter ever. The chances of success were very minimal. Anderson Silva was on a 16 … Continue reading

Hard Work Pays off For Murray

It was a a monumental day in England yesterday. A day and a win that Andy Murray has been waiting for, for over 8 years. Murray has surely proven that hard work can really pay off in the long run. Murray winning Wimbledon may seem irrelevant to most people’s lives but, to the Nation of … Continue reading

Ex-Fans Line Up In Mass. To Dump Hernandez Jersey

Its only fair that the Patriots and NFL merchandise distributors are allowing this. People walking around with a Hernandez Jersey is just as bad as people walking around in an O.J Simpson jersey.

Get to Know the #1 Draft Pick Anthony Bennett

As people were eagerly waiting for the Cavaliers to make their pick for the #1 draftee of the 2013, no one expected David Stern to call out this young mans name, not even Anthony Bennett himself. Bennett was predicted to be either the 8th pick by the Pistons or the 10th pick by the Trail … Continue reading

Knicks Trade Novak & Camby

Its seems that the NBA market is fluctuating and the New York Knicks have settled on a big move. Former 3 point ace Steve Novak & veteran center Marcus Camby have been traded to the Toronto Raptors officially this morning. In this deal the Knicks have obtained 27 year old Andrea Bargnani. Bargnani is a … Continue reading

Patriots Release Hernandez After His Arrest

What a wasted talent and a heart breaker for the Patriots nation. It seems the Patriots are getting more media attention lately then they should be. First with Tim Tebow and now Aaron Hernandez. With Aaron only being 23 he has so much room to improve and become an even better player than he already … Continue reading

Trouble In The Woods

It has been a hectic ride for Tiger Woods in both his personal life and his career. It seems like the iconic golfer might be having trouble balancing his luxurious lifestyle and  his golfing profession. Although he has won 7 PGA titles in the last 15 months, he has yet to win a major for over … Continue reading

What Knicks Need to be Serious Title Contenders

There was a time in the regular season where Knicks fans had there hopes high, especially after securing the Atlantic East. With the Knicks on a role and with Melo and sixth man of year winner J.R Smith playing at a somewhat consistent high level there was a high peak in confidence on the Knicks … Continue reading

Bend the Field Goal Attempt Like Beckham

Its been a crazy year for Beckham fanatics this past year. From leaving his L.A Galaxy saga for PSG, to bringing the heart breaking news of his retirement. So many wonderful memories to be told for years on but, may there still be more to Beckham’s athletic career than we thought? For those not lucky … Continue reading

Messi Surpasses the Great Maradona

As the World Cup approaches fans and sports analysts are closely watching their favored national teams, counting their assest seeing which players are going to be leading them to greatness. We all know who the power house teams are, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Netherlands and, we all know who their stars are. One player in particular … Continue reading

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