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The ESPYS Winner Predictions

So it’s that time of year again. Where sports fans of all favoritisms come together to watch one magnificent award show. An award show that we actual care for that is. Most of us believe LeBron will be walking away with the most awards won, well you probably are right. He will be the king of the court and the king of the ESPYS silverware. 

Here are what I believe are the Top 5 most exciting awards in the ESPYS

1.) Best Male Athlete

The Nominees: LeBron James, Miguel Cabrera, Michael Phelps, Adrian Peterson.

We have all been anticipating this one. Good thing they put this as the first category on the ESPYS list. Every single one of these nominated players have accomplished great things in their represented sportNow this is just one of the possible four awards LeBron could win. (He was cut just short by Brittney Griner for a spot on the Top Female athlete award) Anyways this category has always been tough. Best male athlete is so broad and to pick four players out of a pool of over 5000 athletes from over 10 sports is pretty narrowed down.

Winner/Runner-up: LeBron James/ Michael Phelps


Breakdown: LeBron James had shut up over half the U.S population by winning another title and winning another Finals MVP award and not to mention he is being debated as one of, if not the best NBA player to this date. He has gotten more media attention than anyone last year and we all know that award ceremonies have a lot to do with popularity contest. I believe the main reason that LeBron will be taking this award is that he proved doubters wrong this season. No other player nominated had so many people against them and their road to success than LeBron.

2) Best Female Athlete

The Nominees: Gabby Douglas, Brittney Griner, Serena Williams, Missy Franklin

This years Female Athlete award is a special one. Of course it is filled with a couple of great female olympians but, its the first time it has a nominee with such a huge range of media spotlight. Anyone who watches ESPN consistently has at least heard of Brittney Griner. She has brought a lot of buzz around the basketball world. From her questionability of her womanhood to her possibility of playing in the NBA.

Winner/Runner-up – Serena Williams/Brittney Griner


Breakdown: Serena Williams is arguably the best women tennis player to walk this earth. She can serve the ball at 128.6 mph on average. That’s the second fastest for all women tennis players being just under her sister Venus at 129 mph. She has won more majors than any other U.S women’s tennis player and went on a 34 match win streak that just ended the other week. She has been ranked number #1 in the WTP rankings for the past year and it looks like she will continue to be for awhile

3.) Best International Athlete 

The Nominees: Usain Bolt, Novak Djokovic, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Juan Manuel Marquez.

Now this award can be very difficult to determine. Everyone has bias opinions on this award every year. So many international athletes making huge headlines and differences in the U.S leagues as well as international leagues. This though is the only award besides the MLS award that really gets any soccer recognition.

Winner/Runner-up – Lionel Messi/Cristiano Ronaldo


Breakdown: Now this could be a bias opinion in itself but, I believe Lionel Messi has the best chance at winning this award. He has been called the greatest soccer player to ever live countless times. Some even compare Messi to have a godly ability to play soccer(futbol). He wows and amazes the world every year scoring unbelievable goals and creating unforgettable memories. Now of course Ronaldo may likely win the award too but, considering Messi’s involvement with holding soccer events in U.S, he has a slight advantage in the polls.

4.) Best Game

The Nominees: Bruins v. Leafs, Spurs v. Heat, Ravens v. Broncos

Three great games with great outcomes. This one is a very difficult award to debate. All three were amazing playoff games that left fans at the edge of their seats. Two of them going to the almighty game 7 and one being a step away from the big dream of reaching the Super bowl. When it comes down to it the result of this will have to be down to who had the most to lose and made the most history.

Winner/Runner-up – Spurs v. Heat/ Ravens v. Broncos


Breakdown: This one came down to, which game had the most prominent place in history and which outcome stirred up the most buzz. The Heat were not expected to come back after losing that crucial game 5. The percentage of a team coming back after a game 5 lost in the final was around 15%. There were more memorable moments in this series then in the whole playoffs combined. The Ravens v. Broncos was an incredible game but there was nothing more historic than LeBron actually winning a ring after people were ready to laugh in his face. He can thank Ray Allen for that clutch three and of course Chris Bosh for his 0 points in Game 7.

5.) Best Breakthrough Athlete 

The Nominees: Colin Kaepernick, Johnny Manziel, Yasiel Puig, Mike Trout, Russell Wilson

I believe all five of these nominees are going to be doing great things in the near future. Future all stars and even hall of famers are in this category. The unfortunate thing is that baseball season is only half way through and both Puig and Trout could accomplish so much more in that time to add to the already amazing seasons they are having. Nonetheless this will be an interesting award that is really up in the air.

Winner/Runner-up: Johnny Manziel/ Russell Wilson


Breakdown: Now this was a tough one to figure out. Yes most will disagree that Manziel deserves this award on top of the Heisman but, he has practically become an A list celebrity in the U.S already. Personally I am a huge Johnny football fan but, I believe as a college athlete it wouldn’t be fair to put him in a category of professional athletes. Though he did create a whole nation of fans and has created more highlights for himself than any team in the NCAA. Russell Wilson comes a close second because this kid was a 3rd round pick that no one thought could even bring the Seahawks to a winning season for 2013. On top of that he was the only rookie to take his team to the divisional championship this year.



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