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So Wheres Collin Klein Now?


ITs amazing how you can be the talk of the town one year and a short time after if you aren’t making any more headlines you disappear in the background. This is exactly what has happened to Collin Klein. Most people do not know where Collin Klein is now, and since he isn’t headed to the NFL, they do not seem to care. 

Klein went from Heisman Finalist to undrafted NFL Agent. Does not seem like the glorious road one athlete would want to take. Of course we have had some Heisman flukes, one being Tim Tebow and his new found team The Patriots but, at least he was given a shot.

Honestly, I do not believe he was NFL Quaterback material but, the kid had love for the game and it showed. when it came to the NFL he was in the similar situation as Tim Tebow is now. They believed he was a good football player but not NFL QB material. He was offered to tryout as a tight end or receiver but, kindly rejected such offers.

“I know I’m a quarterback,” – Colin Klein had said at an interview after he was not drafted out of the 254 picks.

Well Collin tried and he even got called up to train with the Houston Texans. Gary Kubiak was impressed with Klein but, not enough to offer him a contract on the team. It seems he is on the lines of potential back up and waste of money.

Where is he now?

Even though he may not have gotten an NFL contract Klein still found a way to make money off his alleged notoriety. Klein is running a football camp called ” Collin Klein Passing Academy” where he is teaming up with other college quaterbacks not good enough to be drafted. He is setting up sessions around different college campus’ where you get a chance to train with him and his crew in becoming better players and passers.

This seems like a great way for Kelin to make a little extra money and still be able to have football apart of his life. I respect him for his commitment to the sport and his ingenuity.

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