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What’s Next for Anderson Silva in the UFC?


Not many expected the outcome of UFC 162 to be in favor of Chris Weidman. Although undefeated in his UFC career, he seemed like just another fighter attempting to take the belt from who some may call the greatest UFC fighter ever. The chances of success were very minimal. Anderson Silva was on a 16 consecutive fight wining streak with 12 of them ending within the 2nd round. Weidman has had much success in the UFC but only has been in a total of 10 fights. Maybe this is why Silva came into the fight acting like it was a joke.

Silva was dancing around Weidman not taking the fight seriously . Usually Silva gets away with these kinds of shenanigans but not this time. This time he did a little too much show boating and it led to his demise. Silva had his hands down at his hips waiting for Weidman to throw a punch and while he dodged te first two attempts he was not expecting the side hook he took to the chin that sent his eyes rolling back and consciousness evade.

What is Next for Silva?

A shot to win the Belt back?

Well he already has put any rumors of him wanting to fight another match against Weidman away. He says he wants nothing to do with the middleweight division and he has no aspirations of a Silva vs Weidman II. You can’t really blame him. He has been the title holder for the past 7 years. He already has the record for most consecutive title defenses and to start all over again seems kind of pointless. It is almost as if you have beaten a game and you have lost all your data, are you going to start all over again or look for a new game to play? Most likely you’ll go for a new adventure rather then replay an old one.

Superfights on superfights?

This could be a possibility. We all know most of the known and accomplished UFC fighters end up turning their careers into more about the entertainment. Randy Couture is one great example. There is nothing wrong with it though. The fights bring in millions of dollars in not only the industries pockets but, their own and these fights are extremely entertaining. They are  fantasy fights that we all have dreamt of seeing that actually come true. If their would be a superfight it most likely would be against the likes of Michael Bisping or Vitor Belfort. A fight against Jon Jones might be out of the question now after this lost against Weidman.

Retirement for The Spider?

This seems like the most likely of options for the big man in my opinion. Although reports say that he said he was not done with MMA, who knows what that means. Maybe he will start a fighting facility back in Brazil. There he can spend more time with his wife and 5 kids. It mist be hard on the guy not to be able to see his family and we all know that would get to anyone. Just because he is done fighting does not mean he has to be unaffiliated with the sport completely. I’d assume he’d make a great coach and with all the mounds of money he won from fighting I am sure he has enough to start up his own business.

Personally I am still hoping that there will be a Silva vs. Jones bout but, I guess that might just have to be one fantasy fight that will have to stay on UFC Undisputed.



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