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Hard Work Pays off For Murray

Andy Murray holds the Wimbledon winner's trophy

It was a a monumental day in England yesterday. A day and a win that Andy Murray has been waiting for, for over 8 years. Murray has surely proven that hard work can really pay off in the long run. Murray winning Wimbledon may seem irrelevant to most people’s lives but, to the Nation of England it was more than a big deal. It has been 77 years since Fred Perry had won Wimbledon, the last athlete coming out of Great Britain to do so. Murray is the first Great Britain player to win it in the Open era.

I couldn’t immagine the agony and embarrassment to not be able to win a local tournament…for over 2 generations. Well it really got to Murray, especially last year in a lost in the final to Roger Federer. It seems that he was so close to making history but, just not close enough. Nonetheless Murray has really showed amazing progress throughout his entire professional career. He has won 27 single titles in his career. Murray has gotten to at least the semi finals in Wimbledon in the past 5 years. He continually improved each and every year becoming more and more prepared for each match.

This year was different for Murray, getting the #2 ATP Ranking and feeling very confident in his returns. I believe he magnitude of Murray’s presence in tennis is only beginning. It is not all about the rankings according to Murray. All he want is more major titles, he is all about the silverware not what other people think of his play. For that I respect the guy and it really shows how his heart is in the game not the glory.



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