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Get to Know the #1 Draft Pick Anthony Bennett

la-sp-sn-nba-draft-2013-first-round-20130627-002As people were eagerly waiting for the Cavaliers to make their pick for the #1 draftee of the 2013, no one expected David Stern to call out this young mans name, not even Anthony Bennett himself. Bennett was predicted to be either the 8th pick by the Pistons or the 10th pick by the Trail Blazers. As we all know the draft did not exactly go as planned by the sports analysts. It was kind of a wacky unpredictable draft but, everyone was happy for one Anthony Bennett. The young man all though may not have been on most people’s radars for a number one pick, sure had deserved it as much as any other top 10 pick in the draft

Now lets get to know a little about the #1 Draft PIck:

  • Anthony Bennett was originally born and raised in Toronto, Ontario
  • 6″ 8′ 240 lbs
  • Played for Findlay Prep High School in Henderson, Nevada
  • McDonald High School All American
  • Averaged 16.3 PPG &10 RPG in HS with a 62.6 FG%
  • Was ranked #1 for Power Forward and #7 Overall coming into College
  • Was predicted to be 8th pick by Draft Express or 10th Pick by NBADraft.net
  • Only the second player from UNLV to be #1 pick overall
  • Larry Johnson was the only other player to be picked #1 by the Charlotte Hornets
  • Averaged 15.8 PPG with a 52.6 FG% at UNLV
  • Class: Freshman

What kind of Impact will Bennett Make?

Most people might question Bennett’s overall contribution to the Cavaliers. Was he worth a number 1 pick? Can he help build the program to be a playoff contender once again? These are the questions all analysts and opposing teams might be thinking when it comes to Bennett. While he may be considered an undersized power forward, Bennett will bring offensive versatility to the team.

Even with the amazing season that Kyrie Irving had last season the Cavaliers were still unable to produce the quality basketball they needed to become a threat in their division. The Cavaliers need someone who will come into the game and be able to change up the flow of the game and give them the edge. Someone like Bennett who can drive in to the lane and also be efficient from three.

The Cavaliers were ranked last for FG% and FG made in the second half with a 55.1 Team FG%. They are not producing points when they need it most which is why they can not close out games when they should. Bennett seems like the perfect solution to this problem as he is a double threat to all defenders. If driving to the basket is not working maybe surprising them with an NBA three will do the trick. Bennett could be one of the missing puzzle pieces to the Cavaliers winning formula.



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