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Bend the Field Goal Attempt Like Beckham

beckham7_wideweb__470x305,0Its been a crazy year for Beckham fanatics this past year. From leaving his L.A Galaxy saga for PSG, to bringing the heart breaking news of his retirement. So many wonderful memories to be told for years on but, may there still be more to Beckham’s athletic career than we thought? For those not lucky enough to see him on the soccer field they just might be able to see him again in action but, on the football field? Yes, for those of you who live outside of the United States we mean the American, full contact sport of pig skin football.

Rumors have gone around that Beckham has been ask to attend a tryout to be a placement kicker on said roster. Although everyone is wondering, the interested team has not been disclosed to the public.

Now we have heard of an NFL player playing in the MLB and vice versa but, a world wide soccer icon?

mason+crosby+grabbing+head1Now that is what I call a great Marketing promotion. My guess is its either Green Bay Packers, who has Mason Crosby, the worst kicker in the league last year with a 63 FG% or even the New York Jets. Although after last years stunt with Tim Tebow, the last thing they need is to bring in a retired soccer player of that magnitude to distract, the already struggling team that they are today.

Now, I have nothing against Beckham getting a trial as a placement kicker in the NFL. He was a god at dead spot free kicks from all sorts of distances. His accuracy and power could easily compete with professional kickers in the NFL today.

The only problem is the guy is 38 years old and although there are some old place kickers; David Akers being one of the elite, they have had years of NFL experience. Beckham’s ability to transfer over his kicking technique of the soccer ball to the football is crucial. Not to mention the guy has never been hit by a 350 lb lineman, if that were to ever happen. That would be the last thing Mrs. Beckham would want to see.

Personally I believe this would be the coolest thing an NFL team has done in awhile. Not just for the entertainment aspects but for the history of sports in itself. Beckham could help bring in a whole new market of viewers. With the new NFL in London expansion combined with Beckham’s attempt to kick in the NFL, it could make a huge impact in England and Beckham fans all over the world.


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