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Messi Surpasses the Great Maradona

9355_589406921092817_1776116800_nAs the World Cup approaches fans and sports analysts are closely watching their favored national teams, counting their assest seeing which players are going to be leading them to greatness. We all know who the power house teams are, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Netherlands and, we all know who their stars are. One player in particular that we all have heard of and that players are known to fear is Lionel Messi.

Recently he has come off a Hat Trick against Guatemala in a 4-0 win which put up his total International goals to 35! This happens to surpass Diego Maradona’s record by one goal and has him tied for second highest scorer with Hernan Crespo. The current highest scorer is Gabriel Batitusta with an outstanding 56 goals. He did this in only 78 matches over 11 years with the senior team.

When comparing Madona with Messi in international play it is hard to decide who the better representer of the Argentinian national team is. It seems earlier this year Maradona was down talking Messi’s play in the white in blue;

“Although Lionel Messi is a ‘great lad’, he does not come close to his World Cup-winning compatriot when it comes to playing the beautiful game.” – Maradona

It seems Messi might have turn down the steam on Maradona’s ego just a little.

Messi still has at least two more world cups and three more Copa America’s left on his belt, and with the form he has been showing lately, it looks like Messi is not only on the track to surpassing Maradona’s greatness but, being the greatest Argentinian scorer of all time. Last season in La Liga Messi was averaging 1.43 goals per game and has recorded 19 Hat Tricks in his career with Barcelona. By the end of this coming world cup we can see Messi’s goal tally already being in the low 50s.

Heres a link to the video of Messi’s Hat Trick vs. Guatemala!






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