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Ronaldo’s Chance to be Re-ManUnited

cristiano-ronaldo-632-real-madrid-vs-manchester-united-2013We have seen some memorable team returns in this day and age. One in particular that was very sentimental was Thierry Henrys return to Arsenal FC. On his first game back he had scored the winning goal against Leeds United in the final minutes of the match. Memorable, yes but, even the slightest chance of a Ronaldo comeback has got United fans dancing around their bar stools.

The 28 year old has been rumored to be unhappy at his current club Real Madrid. We all remember that glorious day when Ronaldo had made his frist appearance back at Old Trafford since 2009. The day where he also had to put his team out of the Champions League scoring 2 goals for a 3-2 win. We all saw the look on his face and felt the emotions that were running through him. If there was a thought bubble over his said is would have said waiting to be Re-ManUnited.

As unlikely as a return may sound, Man United refuses to give up on their golden boy. They have put in extra resources and are preparing to offer Real Madrid a great deal to get him back at Old Trafford. They plan to offer “£65 million plus a player”

At Real Madrid Ronaldo has been the the second highest scorer in La Liga for the past three years, under Messi of course. He scored 34 goals in 34 games last season! The firepower Man United would have in their attack would be ridiculous. They already have Van Persie, Rooney, Danny Welbeck and Chicharito if they do not sell him. Talk about a diverse squad. The speed that Ronaldo contains is incredible, he can run a 40 yard dash in 4.34 seconds. That is faster than Adrian Petersons’ time by .06 seconds. With this speed combined with Van Persie’s lightning left foot, they would make a great dou up front, even better I’d say then if Rooney were out there.

What are the chances that Ronaldo will be seeing wearing Red next season? Well if things work out smoothly and Real can reel Gareth Bale away from the Spurs, we might all be singing Glory Glory Man United next season.

Heres a video of Ronaldo back in his Red Devil Days:



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