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RG3 And The Road To Recovery

RGIII-Knee-e1357587910423If there was one day Red Skins fans wish had never happened, it would be January 6, 2013. This of course is the day that RG3 had destroyed his knee and ended any hopes for the Skins in making a decent playoff run. There are arguments on whether Griffin should have even been in the game, playing in a brace that barely supported his ankle injury he got a couple weeks beforehand. It was a decision that RG3 made, and a decision he may regret looking back on his career years from now.

The buzz is that Griffin wants to come back for week one. Of course thats what everyone is hoping for, for the Red Skins to have their Franchise Quaterback leading the team for their first W after a miraculous recovery. Even his surgeon Dr. Andrew Jones predicted he would be ready by September 5th. He said Griffin had “Super-Human Recovery”. This could be true, or maybe the NFL has access to some secret super human regeneration supplement that they are keeping away from the world. Nonetheless, if Griffin returns for week one it’d be as incredible as Adrian Petersons’ comeback.

RG3 is not the first athlete to have torn their knee up, there is actually several well known athletes that have gone through the same process.

Some of the greats had/have the same injury problems like:

  • Chris Paul
  • Evgeni Malkin
  • Jerry Rice
  • Fernando Torres
  • Donovan Mcnabb
  • Russell Westbrook

It seems that former Eagles Quaterback Donovan Mcnabb has been against RG3’s recent activity, critisizing him for doing ‘too much’. Going into the 2007 season Donovan had torn his ACL as well. He suggest that RG3 should not be participating in rookie camp nor should he be even too active. He believes it would be best for him to take things slow, maybe not Derrick Rose style but, at a pace where things are not too rushed.

We all know that RG3 had a stellar rookie season, backing up all the hype he had going into the season but, how will this injury affect his performance this season? For a QB whose known for his speed and his rushing performance one would think that an injury of this magnitude would most definitely have some sort a negative progression on his play. Last season Griffin had average 26.2 rushing attempts per game. I have a feeling his rushing numbers will drastically drop and we might see a new RG3 out there on the field. Although with him being such a versatile quaterback I don’t see the Red Skins having to worry about the star turning out into a dud. Lets just hope he does not rush things so we as fans can benefit from seeing him play at his best again next season.




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