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The Dilemma in New York: What’s wrong with the Jets?

136138882_crop_650x440So these seem to be the concerning issues of the Jets

  • What is preventing the jets from taking flight?

  • The secondary team of the Meadowlands

First off, the New York Jets have some coaching and management problems.  Jets fans, as a whole, do not feel comfortable leaving the fate of their squad in the hands of this man.  Many see him as arrogant, believing that he is unwilling to change his coaching methods after numerous years of failure.  Stemming from the residual confidence in Mark Sanchez, people wonder how a NFL Head Coach could put his trust into a quarterback who is longest running holder of SportsCenter’s worst-of-the-worst trophy.

Statistically, Mark Sanchez finished the previous NFL season with the worst total quarterback rating in the league amongst all starters at 23.4. He recorded secind lowest QBR ever recorded with a .6 in week 4 against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Jets 2012-2013 season essentially became a publicity stunt for the seldom utilized Tim Tebow. Jets fans are fed up with the lack of offensive consideration Ryan, and the organization as a whole, puts into the team.


However, the Jets do have a reoccurring strong defensive front; the Jets typically stop the run and provide good pass coverage each year, there is no question about that.

Due to Rex Ryan’s beginnings as a defensive coordinator, credit must be given to his defensive knowledge.  He has advised many solid defensive draft picks and trades for the Jets over the years.  However, for a team to be successful, it needs to be adequate on both ends of the field.It becomes frustrating for the defense to get a stop, and then the offense quickly unable to convert and score, over and over again.

Even current Buccaneer’s defensive back Darelle Revis, the heart and soul of the Jet’s defense grew tired of the constant necessity to make up for poor offensive performance; there is a lack of balance and chemistry between the offense and the defense.


Nonetheless, the future seems a little more promising for jets fans with the addition of the star college quarterback Geno Smith out of West Virginia.  The rookie could be exactly what the Jets need to take flight, however, if he does not get his chance to start, and Rex Ryan sticks with Mark Sanchez, there could be a riot in New York in the near future.  If the Jets ever wish to become the primary home team of MetLife, they need to make some serious changes.



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