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Patriots Release Hernandez After His Arrest

What a wasted talent and a heart breaker for the Patriots nation. It seems the Patriots are getting more media attention lately then they should be. First with Tim Tebow and now Aaron Hernandez. With Aaron only being 23 he has so much room to improve and become an even better player than he already … Continue reading

Trouble In The Woods

It has been a hectic ride for Tiger Woods in both his personal life and his career. It seems like the iconic golfer might be having trouble balancing his luxurious lifestyle and  his golfing profession. Although he has won 7 PGA titles in the last 15 months, he has yet to win a major for over … Continue reading

Sport Statricity MLB All-Star Picks: AL Batters Edition

We are more than 1/3 through the 2013 MLB season, and the All-Star game is less than a month away. The fan voting process has turned into more of a popularity contest, which is completely unfair since the winner of the game gets home field advantage for the World Series. So because I think that … Continue reading

Young Pitchers Rolling For The Cardinals

The St Louis Cardinals are leading the pack in the MLB, and its due in large part to their pitching. But this year, it hasn’t always been the pitchers you might expect who are getting the job done. The St Louis organization have done its best Old Macdonald impersonation, and now the Cardinals have themselves … Continue reading

What Knicks Need to be Serious Title Contenders

There was a time in the regular season where Knicks fans had there hopes high, especially after securing the Atlantic East. With the Knicks on a role and with Melo and sixth man of year winner J.R Smith playing at a somewhat consistent high level there was a high peak in confidence on the Knicks … Continue reading

Bend the Field Goal Attempt Like Beckham

Its been a crazy year for Beckham fanatics this past year. From leaving his L.A Galaxy saga for PSG, to bringing the heart breaking news of his retirement. So many wonderful memories to be told for years on but, may there still be more to Beckham’s athletic career than we thought? For those not lucky … Continue reading

Messi Surpasses the Great Maradona

As the World Cup approaches fans and sports analysts are closely watching their favored national teams, counting their assest seeing which players are going to be leading them to greatness. We all know who the power house teams are, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Netherlands and, we all know who their stars are. One player in particular … Continue reading

NHL Ratings On The Rise

 The Stanley Cup Finals opened in a big way for the NHL. The Chicago Blackhawks delivered a thriller at home in game 1,  rallying from a 3-1 deficit against the Boston Bruins and winning in triple overtime. The “Original 6” matchup between Chicago and Boston promised a lot of drama and intensity, adding to the … Continue reading

World Cup 2014 Power Rankings

Exactly one year from today will be the day soccer fans from around the world have been waiting for for the past 3 years. On June 12, 2014 World Cup 2014 will be taking place in one of the most soccer enriched cultures on the planet, Brazil! There is a lot of excitement going into … Continue reading

Stanley Cup Final Preview: Chicago Blackhawks vs Boston Bruins

 So now we’re down to two. The NHL playoffs have brought all the hard hitting, fast-paced action we’ve come to expect, and at last we’ve narrowed the field down to just two teams: The Chicago Blackhawks, and the Boston Bruins. We’ll take a look at the numbers and then make some picks on how we … Continue reading

Long Day: Mets Lose To Marlins 2-1 In 20 Innings

Originally posted on CBS Connecticut:
By: MIKE FITZPATRICK NEW YORK (AP)   A typical loss is tough enough. Coming up short after 20 innings and 61/2 hours, now that really stings. In the longest major league game in more than three years, Adeiny Hechavarria hit an RBI single in the 20th inning and the Miami…

Bay of Puig Invasion

It really isn’t completely out of the ordinary for a 22 year old to just be starting out their career in any field. But Cuban defector Yasiel Puig has been anything but ordinary in his first week in the Majors. After leaving Cuba, the right fielder obtained his work visa, and wasted little time getting … Continue reading

Ronaldo’s Chance to be Re-ManUnited

We have seen some memorable team returns in this day and age. One in particular that was very sentimental was Thierry Henrys return to Arsenal FC. On his first game back he had scored the winning goal against Leeds United in the final minutes of the match. Memorable, yes but, even the slightest chance of … Continue reading

The Boston Bruins: By The Numbers

 The Boston Bruins are cruising through the Eastern Conference this posteason, and it seems almost guaranteed that they will return to the Stanley Cup Finals. Let’s take a look at the numbers to see just what it is that’s making the Bruins so difficult to stop. Offense: The Boston Bruins have found life in the offensive … Continue reading

RG3 And The Road To Recovery

If there was one day Red Skins fans wish had never happened, it would be January 6, 2013. This of course is the day that RG3 had destroyed his knee and ended any hopes for the Skins in making a decent playoff run. There are arguments on whether Griffin should have even been in the … Continue reading

The Dilemma in New York: What’s wrong with the Jets?

So these seem to be the concerning issues of the Jets What is preventing the jets from taking flight? The secondary team of the Meadowlands First off, the New York Jets have some coaching and management problems.  Jets fans, as a whole, do not feel comfortable leaving the fate of their squad in the hands … Continue reading

Jason Kidd: The Pure Point Guard

With the announcement of Jason Kidd’s retirement this week, the NBA’s loses a 19- year veteran.  Leading the league five times in assists throughout his career, Jason Kidd is widely considered one of the best point guards of his time.  He was an incredible playmaker, a near-perfect passer, and had a great perimeter shot. It … Continue reading

What’s Wrong With The Pittsburgh Penguins?

 The Pittsburgh Penguins, who were at one time Stanley Cup favorites, suddenly find themselves facing extremely long odds in their series against the Boston Bruins. The Bruins came out extremely impressive in game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals with a 3-0 victory, but even that strong performance pales in comparison to last night’s 6-1 … Continue reading

Who’s Hot: Patrick Corbin

Prior to the 2013 season, the Arizona Diamondbacks were projected to have one of the better starting rotations in the National League. With well established names Ian Kennedy, Trevor Cahill, newly acquired Brandon Mccarthy, and Rookie of the Year runner-up Wade Miley, Arizona put themselves in position to keep themselves in every ballgame with a … Continue reading

The Break Down: Falcao to AS Monaco FC

As all of us die hard soccer fans have noticed Falcao is one of the most prolific players of this generation. He has recently caused quite a stir of media over his departure from Atletico Madrid to the newly Ligue 2 champions AS Monaco FC. Leaving Atletico was not a shock to people as it … Continue reading

Blackhawks vs Kings: Conference Final Preview

 Round 2 of the NHL playoffs has come to an end, so now its time to turn our attention to the conference finals. Let’s look at the upcoming series between (1) The Chicago Blackhawks and (5) The Los Angeles Kings. (Regular season head-to-head: Chicago 2-1-0 vs LA) The reigning Presidents Trophy winners will play host … Continue reading

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