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The Red Bull Event You Can’t Miss

0606015_41They are at it again. Red Bull is putting together yet another crazy spectacle for all of the worlds audience. Just recently they have sent a man into space to break the record for the highest sky dive ever attempted. Austrian dare devil Felix Baumgartner was shot 24 miles in the air past the sound barrier and jumped out of his mini space pod to make history. Such an incredible event for the world to tune into. They have brought the world of action sports to a whole new level and have seemed to really put them on the map.

Now we have seen many events sponsored by Red Bull but, this is one like no other. They are bringing what has seemed to been a sport of its own, out of shadows and in to the spotlight.


Save the date. On September 21, 2013 Red Bull will be holding the first official National FlugTag event in the U.S. There will be 5 simultaneous Flugtag events in 5 different cities: Washington DC, Miami, Dallas, Long Beach, and Chicago. For those who will not be lucky to attend the event can catch it live on television or find episodes on Red Bull TV.

What is Flugtag?

This may be a question most people will be asking. Flugtag is an event/sport like no other. It combines creativity with engineering. The point of the event is to build a craft of some sort that will be able to take flight after coming off of a 30 ft high ramp. The competitors are judged based on three main components: “Distance – this is a flying contest after all. Creativity of craft – we like to reward genius. Showmanship – standing ovations are always good.” So basically the purpose of the event is to bring together a community of people to be entertained and have fun at the same time. Of course there is a prize for the winner so do not think people will not be out to win.  The deadline to apply for the competition is June 1.

These will be the prizes for four lucky winners

1st Place: Your team will win an outing to skydive with expert free flyers, the Red Bull Air Force.
2nd Place:Your team will get to sit back and enjoy a Red Bull-titled sporting event from the comfort of the VIP area.
3rd Place: Get your culture on at a Red Bull-titled music, dance or art event.
People’s Choice Award: VIP experience at a New York Red Bulls game from one of the luxury suites at Red Bull Arena

Here is a video of pandemonium at past Flugtag events!



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