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The Potential To Be The Greatest UFC Fight Ever

There has been some historical fights in our time. From Muhammad Ali’s 3 round TKO against Cleveland Williams in 1966, to the Forest Griffin – Stephen Bonner spectacular debut fight that UFC fans will never forget. We have seen some amazing match ups in both Boxing and MMA and the anticipation for more potential great fights is always there.

The buzz that has been going around in the past year is Jon Jones is interested in going head to head against Anderson Silva. Now no official plans have been made to set up a match of this caliber but, resources say that Jones is not afraid to go against one of his Idols he grew up watching as a young aspiring fighter.

Here’s a clip of an interview with Jones

Jones has a record of 18-1 with the one loss coming by disqualification of an illegal elbow. He is the current Light Heavyweight champion of the world and is tied for the most title defenses for his weight class with 5. Jones is one of the most decorated fighters also being the youngest fighter to ever win a championship when he was 23 years old.

Of course Anderson is in the weight class below Jones weighing in around 180 lbs while Jones has about 24 lbs on him. It would be easier for Silva and more likely for him to move up to Light Heavyweight if they were to have an official UFC match up. Silva holds the record for most consecutive wins at 16 and has been the longest reigning champion for any weight class with 11 title defenses.

Silva is obviously the more experienced fighter holding a record of 33-4 and 20 of his wins come from knockouts. Jones would definitely have to strategize a way to avoid Silva’s signature kicks and explosive power and be able to submit Silva on the ground as he would have more of an advantage in the grapple game. Jones has been criticized to not be able to take hard hits because he has not had much hard physical contact from other fighters. This would be a soft spot in Jones’ game.

Are the odds of this fight actually happening high? Probably not but, as of now we know that Jones isn’t afraid of taking on The Spider and if the fight is ever officially scheduled we know it should be one of the most epic and anticipated fights in UFC History.

Here’s a montage of Jones’ road to success.



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