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A Michael Phelps Return In The 2016 Olympics


We all remember that Summer of 2008 where history was made and America came together to bask in the glory of Michael Phelps. There is not one American I could find that hasn’t heard of the american hero Phelps. It was a time where everyone in our nation and even others were on Michael’s side rooting for him to go for gold and make world history. For those of you who don’t know, Phelps had broken the record of Mark Spitz for the most gold medals win in a single Olympic Games obtaining 8.

Michael Phelps had put swimming on the world map. When he was a 16 year old he made a statement,

” I want to change the way America views this sport’.

Well Michael you have done more than that. You inspired children and athletes from all over the world to always want to do better and be better.

As we know know Michael had retired from all competition after the 2012 Summer Olympics. He had won 4 gold and 2 silvers in London. He is now filling his free time trying to fit into a new sport, Golf. Phelps had opened a charity foundation called Michael Phelps Foundation Golf classic. Here people get to play a round of golf with olympic athletes and celebrities then get to meet and talk to them after. Of course Phelps is no Tony Romo, although Romo has been trying to qualify for the tour for the plast 10 years and has yet to succeed.

Is it nice to see him doing great things with his spare time away from the pool but, what we all could only dream about is him hopping back in the pool to win The U.S some more golds. Recently though there has been rumors that he is thinking about giving the 2016 Olympic games a run. We all know it takes months of training and preparation for an athlete to get ready for the Olympics as time goes by we all wonder if it is possible for him to even return at this point.

The swimming site Swim Swam has reported that Michael has been debating on his return for three months now. Phelps has replied to all these rumors with this tweet.

“Why do I keep getting texts about coming back?” he wrote. “Do [people] really believe everything they hear or read? There are [too] many [people] in the world that think they have a ‘story.’ “

The return is even getting support from former teammate Ryan Lochte.

“I hope he comes back in. I think he will. I know he will. It’s just a matter of time and when. I know he will. I can;t say. I just have a feeling I’ll just leave it at that. I have a feeling he’ll be back.”

An open statement, maybe more of an opinion but, who would know Phelps better than his rival and teammate who has been swimming with him for over 6 years now. If these rumors are true, and we will be seeing our hero back in the water, we will be sure to hear more about it within the next year. For now we hope for the best in his new found golfing career and will be crossing our fingers for the Comeback of the century, sorry Brett Favre not you.



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