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Only One German To Take It All


Jerseys of German football clubs BayernIt was exactly one month ago that German Soccer had shocked the world. Both Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich had defeated their Spanish counter parts. Not only did they win but, they destroyed the the two teams that the soccer world have gotten to know as two of the best teams on the world consistently. Neither Messi nor Ronaldo could do anything from preventing their four goals defeats. The top two Bundesliga teams play the top two La Liga teams and the Germans prevailed with style. Recently The Bundesliga was voted the Best league in the world and who would doubt it with this Champions League outcome.


The real debate comes down to which power house is going to take the championship and raise the cup at the end of the match. Here is where the statistics we all love will play a role. Bayern have recently won the league title for the Bundesliga with an impressive record of 29-4-1 total of 91 pts. Dortmund on the other hand came in second with a record of 19-9-6 with 66 pts. But we all know league play is different than cup games, knowing that this years FA cup winner Wigan Athletic is also getting relegated to the second division.


Right now Bayern has all the momentum coming into this match-up. They are coming off a remarkable 4-3 come back win against Borussia Monchengladbach while Dortmund is just fresh off a 2-1 lost  to Hoffenheim who finished 16th in the League. On the other hand Lewandowski just destroyed Real Madrid in their last Champions League match with 4 stunning goals. He is also the second highest scorer in the Bundesliga with 24 goals. Bayern Munich is a more well rounded team though and have had more experience in big time games.

Result and Prediction 

Considering the success that Bayern Munich has had in the League this year and the amount of trophies they have won in the past I am going to have to side Bayern Munich winning this match up.                          Final score 3-1 Bayern



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