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Johnny Manziel College vs. Pros


Could Johnny Manziel take his skills to the next level? Many analysts believe Johnny’s rag and tag style of play will not work in the NFL. Manziel has proven he is a lot too handle out in the world of college football but, with bigger, faster , stronger DT’s coming at him, will he be able to continue to slip through the cracks of the defense?

The statistics show that Johnny Football has so far lived up to the hype. He ended his Freshman season with a 68% completion percentage and throwing for over 3700 yards. But we all know that college is a totally different game than the pros. It takes a certain type of player, one who is born with football blood. Just cause this kid has won a Heisman does not mean he is an automatic win at the draft ( As we can see with Tim Tebow). Not even Collin Klein made it to the NFL and he was a finalist for the Heisman, he had more touchdown passes than anyone last year.

Everyone though hopes Johnny is a success and everyone wants him to but hey, thats a lot of pressure for a 20 year old kid to handle. He will be under the microscope by every NFL scout in the nation next season with the Aggies. I have faith in Manziel though, he has a tough mentality and that is what is going to take him to greatness.



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