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Andrew Wiggins’ Upping the Hype

wiggins1Andrew Wiggins has stirred up a flurry of media spotlight in the past couple weeks. The big decision on where he will spend his next year in college ball before he joins the bigs in the NBA was up in the air. Four teams had received the golden ticket, North Carolina, Florida State, Kansas, and Kentucky but, only one team was going to get the rights to the factory. In this case it was the University of Kansas. Bill Self had swayed the man to choose Kansas over the whole college spectrum. In fact Wiggins could have gone to play for any team he wanted to. He is being compared to the Lebron James category of High School recruits, taking about Upping the Hype.

If it were not for the new NBA rules applied to playing at least 1 year in college, we most likely would have seen Wiggins in a Caveliers uniform instead of Anthony Bennett. He has all the makings of the next big star. His height and wings span are similar to Jeremy Lamb while his athletic ability if up to the par of Westbrook. He also has an amazing basketball I.Q. This kid can read the floor and be in the right place when he needs to be. He can make his own shots too, which can be very important in the big leagues.

Kansas though has also produced stars year after year. They are bringing in some great talent. Although not up to par with Kentucky’s class, at Kansas Wiggins can really make a name for himself. He will be a solid program with a chance at winning a national title to send him off to the NBA with a bang.



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